This important archaeological site is placed by the lagoon identified with the identical name, and it is linked to Flores in the east by way of 80 km road which 70 kilometers are paved while the last 10 kilometers are sandy roads. Yaxha signifies “green water.”

Yaxha is a Maya city of monumental magnitude with more than 500 buildings. Positioned on a hillside, northern of the lagoon, it occupies from eastern till west 3 kilometers.

The site is characterized by significant human-made platforms, causeways, and paths linking different architectural complexes of the metropolis and also the lake.

Here you are going to walk-through their causeways under an exuberant exotic forest, in which howler monkeys flood the ambiance with their howls to impress the females or move away from an intruding male within their group.

You are going to ascend some temples, which are the photographers’ accomplices because they provide stunning sights. You will finish your day on top of the higher section of the temple 216 (also known as Temple of the Red Hands), the most elevated structure within the area.

The tropical jungles are the spots with a more substantial wealth of botanical species on the planet and Yaxha is representative of these woodlands and favors the large quantity of water in the region the excellent diversity of the wildlife.

Yaxha Park belongs to the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Within the Park, there are four important archaeological sites: Yaxhá, Nakum, Naranjo, and Topoxte.

The city of Yaxha becoming an essential area to the ancient Maya culture and also the jungles inside of are exceptionally well-preserved, and the Yaxhá Lagoon is among the most significant water systems inside the Maya Biosphere.

Yaxha has documented 150 birds’ species, forty type of mammals, fourteen amphibious, forty-five reptiles, and 22 variety of fish.




After breakfast, our representative is going to pick you up; then you will board a vehicle towards the Yaxha National Park (60 minutes ).

Upon the arrival at the park, you will go to the archeological site to start walking in the third largest site in the lowlands of Guatemala, after El Mirador and Tikal.

During the tour you will visit the astronomical area, the lake’s causeway where you will take a walk under the tropical forest to visit the Maler Group, the North Acropolis, the North-East Acropolis, the Twin Pyramids Complex which is interesting because it is the only one found out of Tikal.

To finish your Yaxha tour, you will visit the East Acropolis where is located the tallest building of the site known as structure 216 also known as Temple of the Red Hands, here you will enjoy fantastic views of the tropical Mayan jungle and the lagoons of Sacnab and Yaxha.

After tour enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and return to your hotel.


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