Tikal Set Departure

We have created set departure itineraries that take you as part of a small group to several fantastic natural and cultural destinations in the Maya World, adventure tours, cultural immersions, archeological expeditions and more. Our tours start with the minimum and maximum participants.

Our trips in Tikal are more than a simple visit to an archaeological site. It is an immersion into one of the most impressive cultures in the world, the Maya Civilization.

Projects of restoration that started in 1956 have given as a result a representation of its maximum splendor that at the present time amaze each visitor allowing them to move around its causeways and avenues through plazas, palaces, and temples perceiving the energy of this magnificent city-state that inhabited one of the most surprising civilizations of the planet.

Besides the cultural richness is the natural surroundings, a magnificent tropical rainforest that inhabits a wide variety species of flora and fauna that will be part of your experience through the world of the green mystery.

Tikal is not a simple tour… is a unique and authentic experience!



8:00 am

Our representative is going to pick you up at Mundo Maya airport or your hotel around 7:30 and 8:00 am approximate, (take note that there is no exact time as we pick up more travelers at their hotels), then you will be transported to Tikal Park (60 minutes).

At your arrival, you’ll have an introduction about Tikal; then you will start this Tikal one day tour visiting the main plazas and complexes including twin pyramid complex, the main square which includes, the central, south and north acropolis, The Great Jaguar Temple and Temple II among other.

Then you will continue your nature and archaeological adventure in Tikal taking walks by age-old causeways traveling to temple III, Bat palace, complex N and lastly arrive at the extraordinary temple IV, on the top you’ll have a superb look at the forest and the top of the main temples of Tikal.

In the way returning, you will visit the lost world, seven temples, and temple V, then towards the picnic place to have a delicious meal.

The possibility of observing wildlife such as howler and spider monkeys, coatis, and a variety of birds, reptiles, and insects is present throughout the tour which improves the experience.

3:30 pm

You’re going to be transported to Mundo Maya flight terminal or your hotel.

Note: in a private service you should have all enough time to experience as far as possible the park, museums, and also the opportunity to experience a sunrise and sunset tour. Inquire your travel advisor for information.


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